Power Credit: One of the Best SG Money Lenders

Among the many SG money lenders that promise financial help during times of difficulty, one of the best is Power Credit. Commissioned by none other than the Singaporean government, Power Credit is not only very reliable, but also very flexible in its methods. From offering multiple loan types to dealing with each borrower on a very personal level, Power Credit really knows its job well.

The various loan types you can get from Power Credit include both short-term assistance and long-term financing. The lender offers payday loans, personal loans and small business loans primarily, but you can apply for other kinds of loans, too. It even offers loans to foreigners and permanent residents. The only requirement is that the borrower must be above 21 years of age at the time of applying, and should hold a full-time employment. Notably, the trait that makes Power Credit stand out is its willingness to customize loans on a person to person basis.


There are many reasons why you should consider borrowing from Power Credit instead of some other lender. One reason is that the lender adheres to the Singapore Government’s Moneylenders Act. But that is not the only reason why Power Credit is a good option. In addition to being safe and reliable, the lender approves most loans within just 60 minutes, offers very competitive interest rates, and truly tries to understand the situation of a borrower before customizing a loan. Even those who have low income, or bad credit, can approach the lender, because there is a big chance that their application will be approved!

Even though many SG money lenders make it somewhat difficult to obtain loans by making use of complex ways, Power Credit is different. Its ways are extremely simple. In fact, so simple that even first time borrowers can easily understand the loan terms. Also, the application process is truly easy to comprehend and deal with, and involves only a few straightforward steps that can be completed within just a few minutes. If you use the form given in the official website, you can apply for a loan in less than a minute.

The jury is still out regarding whether or not Power Credit is the best moneylender in Singapore or not. But there is no doubt that it is a very safe and reliable lender that truly wants to help those who are in a tough position financially.

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