Meta Trader 5 Review

Among the popular forex Meta Trader trading software Meta Trader 5 is the latest one. Recently this Meta Trader 5 is released in beta version. As a whole it resembles the previous version in interface and design. Meta trader 4 was popular because of its main features such as easy use and flexibility.

If a person has multiple accounts it is easy for him to manage the accounts in Meta Trader 5. In the navigator the new accounts window quick and easy movement


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between accounts is permitted. Hence there is no delay or trouble in permitting the employment which has different strategies and in different accounts. If a person want to have two accounts one for trading and one for scalp, it is not easy for him to change between the accounts for responding to the events of the market. Those who are active in trading admire this feature.
The time saved because of the new addition pleased the long term committed investors.
The interface focus is on the main window. In this main window one can display the multiple forex price action graphs or they can have a single large panel focused for trading of their pair easily. Some of the icons and buttons that are present in the MT4 are purposely not allowed in Meta Trader 5. But it will be implemented once again. Meta Trader 4 has already important technically analyzed collections of indicators. In Met Trader 5 a huge number of indictors that are new additions are great. The forex indicators are divided in to four groups in Meta Trader 5. They are named as Oscillators, Trend, Bill Williams and Volumes. Traders can store the developed or imported items in a fifth category of custom indicator. The access is fast and easy in the new indicator group. Among moverages the new trend indicators are the Adaptive MA, the Fractal Adaptive MA, the Variable Index Dynamic Average and the Double and Triple Exponential Moving Averages. Of all these the double exponential moving average has lesser lag and more accurate than the simple EMA. This advanced tool. Triple Exponential Moving Average has even less lag when compared to the Double exponential moving average. All these common exponential and simple moving averages are used for trend analysis.

The Triple exponential Average is the latest addition among the Oscillators. TRIX has a triple Exponential Moving Average which oscillates around the centerline at 0. This indicator’s best advantage is its efficient filtering capacity. The Bill Williams are the new category of indicators in which the new Market Facilitation Index is added. According to the interaction between price, volume and the indicator itself signals are emitted from this tool. Totally there are seven new indicators are there in this Meta Trader 5.

Meta Trader 5 also has advanced features also for those who want to do auto trading. It has a powerful expert advisor and advanced trading script. Though the Meta Trader 5 is in beta stage the final product is going to be a better version.

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