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One of the many great things that you will come to know about Mortgage Investors Corporation, otherwise known as MIC, is that they are very concerned with current veteran’s affairs. They even go to great lengths to keep their website updated with current VA news, which you could find on their webpage, news.shtml.

One recent news post that caught many of their customers’ eyes was the news that education claims for students attending schools in Florida and South Carolina will now be processed by the office in Muskogee, OK. This may have applied to the client or to a loved one, so this was some pretty important news to read. Mortgage Investors Corp provided a link to the VA site that explained this news in greater detail.

The article on their site explained that in order to improve their national service delivery and create a stronger balance for the distribution of education workload, the VA has decided to realign how they process educational benefits in South Carolina and Florida. They further explained that if you are a student, whether that be in an actual classroom or through online courses, in either of those two states, your claim will now be processed in the office located in Muskogee, OK. The article goes on to explain that one should continue to contact the VA directly with all general education benefit questions and concerns. This also includes questions about your claim status as well as changes to your address. The phone number to reach them at is 888-442-4551 and you can also visit them on the web at

Mortgage Investors Corporation, a 75 year old company,  refinances loans for veterans in more than 25 states throughout the country. They pride themselves not only on keeping the public updated on essential VA news like the one explained above, but they also take deep pride in lowering the mortgage payments of their valued clients in the quickest and easiest way possible.

In fact, MIC strives to make the entire process so easy and straightforward that they may not even require equity, perfect credit, income verification, a qualifying debt ratio, a home appraisal or pest inspection! That’s right, unlike their competitors, who unfortunately require impossible qualifications and standards for their clientele, MIC has strategically simplified the process. This has thankfully led to over 350,000 satisfied veterans who have walked away with reduced mortgage payments, along with over 43 billion dollars in veterans’ refinancing in just the last 15 years alone!

Therefore, if you and your family have found yourselves in a position where that hefty VA mortgage bill is just becoming too much to handle, you need to contact the specialists at Mortgage Investors Corp today. In as little as 30 to 45 days you may receive a reduced mortgage payment and inevitably more cash in your wallet and/or savings account!

The choice is simple. Choose the company with the most experience in the industry, the simplest program, and the fastest time frames for a refinance. Choose MIC today by calling them at 866-659-2477!

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