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Meta Trader 5 Review

Among the popular forex Meta Trader trading software Meta Trader 5 is the latest one. Recently this Meta Trader 5 is released in beta version. As a whole it resembles the previous version in interface and design. Meta trader 4 was popular because of its main features such as easy use and flexibility. If a […]


Forex Trading: In addition to stocks, bonds, property and commodities has positioned itself in recent years, another asset class in the considerations of private investors: Forex Trading is the investment landscape of the 21st century to stay. Forex trading is setting new standards: Around the clock and around the world active, liquid and infinitely faster […]

Forex Scam School

Are you tired of all the Forex robots with huge promises and pitiful actual results? Finally someone in the Forex market is doing something about that–The Forex Scam School–a series of free video lessons to help the Forex trader sift through the Forex robot choices. Three lessons reveal the top methods used to scam robot […]

Forex Robots & Liquidity

The Forex market trades over $3 trillion every day and is open 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. Large international banks and hedge funds are speculating in the Forex market every day. The market trades from  20:15 UTC on Sunday until 22:00 UTC on Friday. Of course, trading volume is greatly enhanced […]

Forex Megadroid Proving Its Claims

The Forex Megadroid Robot stormed into the Forex arena about a year ago. It’s proving to be like nothing seen before in this niche. People have been raving with excitement about this new breakthrough robot and it seems to be exceeding every person’s expectations in every possible sense. Donna Forex has even given it her […]

How to Choose the Right Forex Robot

Forex robots have become popular among traders in the Forex market.  For some traders, Forex robots are indispensable.  Forex offers opportunities for traders to earn big profits but there are certain factors like emotions that can adversely affect your Forex trading results. Forex robots don’t have emotions and trade without being impartial or being biased […]

Why Use a Forex Robot

Forex robots are gaining in popularity and spawning a whole new industry.  They are believed to provide numerous benefits to traders who are taking advantage of their money management, discipline and support capabilities. Forex robots are also known as Expert Advisors or EA. Why are Forex robots successful? As an expert advisor, Forex robots provide […]

Are Forex Robots For Newbies?

Forex trading is attracting more and more people especially since the world stock market crash of 2008-09.  There is about $3 trillion turnover every day and more people are becoming interested.  If you are a newcomer in this field, there are lot of things that you will hear from Forex gurus and “so-called experts,” like […]

Myths of Trading With Forex Robots

The Forex market is among the most unpredictable and frequently changing markets.  Although, this kind of trade is high risk, there are still a lot of people who are venturing into this kind of investment.  There are a lot of experts who give advice to every newcomer in Forex trading, such using Forex robots, automated […]

Forex Robot Advantages

You might already have an idea what a Forex robot can do for Forex traders.  Forex robot developers typically claim that this technology enables users to gain more profit, but aside from this, what other advantages can a Forex robot give? It is not unusual for a trader to a lose because of backing out […]